Friday, February 19, 2016

I'm back!!

Ohh my God! It has been forever since I have uploaded my last post. 2012? Wow, I know it has only been a few years but that seemed like forever, isn't it?

In fact, it was by sheer chance that I am back to this old blogspot. I maintain my boss' blogspot account and I remembered I had my own. Ha!

How are you guys? I have so much to tell you. So many things happened since 2012 that I don't even know where to start.

Enjoying the flurries in Syosset, New York

Union Square subway station, New York City

Look how tall that Rockefeller Christmas tree is!

Our wedding, June 3, 2015, Oyster Bay, New York

Okay, I am now in New York. I live in Long Island and I work in Midtown Manhattan. I am married now to this amazing guy I met a few years back. In 2013, I survived one of the world's deadliest and strongest typhoons and that was back when I was still in the Philippines.

One thing for sure has never changed though-- I am still fat, I am still curvy, and suffice it to say, I am still fiesty!

Given that I am now in a new place in my life and a new chapter at that, I'd like to change how this blog works. I want to take you guys to New York. I love this city and I love Long island as well. So this blog will hopefully take you guys with me as I discover this city. I'd also want this to be an avenue where I discuss more about the travails (what a word) of finding true love in this day and age and especially how to find it online.

I hope you guys will still be with me and join me in this journey.



Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Polo Fancy

I am finding myself liking polo shirts, sheer or otherwise, with statement neckpieces these days. They are just so easy to pull off and something that anyone can wear when they are not so inspired. Nothing makes me happy than fashion that is effortless yet chic and stylish.

Here are my take on this trend:


Excuse the blurred photos. Again, my mom and camera focus are yet to be acquainted. Also if it seems gloomy, it's because it is. It has been raining nonstop the past few weeks so whenever I get the chance to wear anything cute, it is so uncomfortable to take picture because of the rains.

Polo- Thrifted; Khaki Shorts- Old Navy; Wedge- Parisian;
Belt- Surplus Shop; Bag- Secosana

I really love my is a statement piece in itself and I think without it,
this will be a boring outfit 

Because of statement pieces like this, donning neutral monochromatic colors won't be that dull and boring


Sheer polo shirts are also on top of my list at the moment. On its own, a sheer polo is a staple on any one's wardrobe because it can go from warm weather to colder ones. We can put a blazer over it and its a perfect office attire; take off the blazer and add some statement neckpieces and you're good to go for a night of partying. Because of its sheerness, it gives off a sexy vibe without being too showy and well, whorish. It's chic without putting much effort into it.

So far, I am also into sheer these days..hehe!

On a gloomy day like today, adding a bright colored sheer top would definitely put sunshine into anybody's mood.

Sheer blouse- Liberte (Robinson's Tacloban); Skirt- Bridget's Closet (also from Robinson's Tacloban);
flats- Penshoppe; clutch- Liberte; neckpiece-random

Until next time and hope you all are having a great Wednesday.

Happy on Valentine's Day

Finally, I have ended my string of bitter Valentine's Days. Well, I'm still single but I don't know why I gamely faced the day without any sort of ill feeling or loathing or sarcasm about the red, the hearts and the sweet.

First, I don't know why but I feel overwhelmed with so much love and joy that I messaged my closest friends and I gamely looked at pictures of flowers and chocolates and stuffed animals and other things that would have made me barf previously.

I guess healing does come from knowing that the people who made you cry are suffering because they lost you. Now, let's not all be pretentious and deny that knowing that fact sometimes brings about our needed peace of mind.

It is only the second month of this year and already, I'm starting to feel good things coming my way. Of course, I'd have to thank the Lord for everything. I guess single or otherwise, what matters is I choose to be happy, Valentine's Day or not.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lace, Red and Snakes

Yes, my outfit yesterday was an amalgamation of everything qualified as trendy for 2012. Haha! I went down to the city to pay some bills and breathe a different kind of air, buy some Big Bang Theory DVDs to sober up my mood.

I wore jeggings the first time yesterday. And it was also the first time I used my new found love, the Therapy Bag  I got last week. It has that awesome snakeskin print on the pockets which I think adds that 'lift' into any ordinary outfit. I mean, my jeggings and that lacey tshirt I got for the holidays was pretty boring until I added my red flats from Penshoppe and that bag.

I'm still not solid on that jeggings thing. I don't fancy anything tight, except for my minis. But well, it was a pretty lazy day so I don't care anyways...haha!

Do check out Therapy Bags for affordable and durable finds. I got an ONYX.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Singlehood and Februaries

"Please don't say that it's over", she muttered to herself as she glued her eyes to that episode of Big Bang Theory.  But her prayers were unheard. Soon the credits then everything else flood her screen. Now, she wondered what else is there for her to do. She checked her watch. It's not even 10 A.M. and already, she is bored.

She ambled into her room and took the book that lay flatly on her bedside table. For Chas, it's surely going to be one dreadful day again. It has been the same pretty much everyday since that day when he walked out that door and left her consumed and tired. For some reasons, she wanted to cry just for the sake of crying, if there is ever such a situation. But tears failed her. They don't come as much these days as they used to and she cannot decide whether it's a good or a bad thing.

She closed her eyes and despite the ten-hour sleep she had the night before, sleep came as easy as that pang of sadness she has been feeling for the past four months.

"Thank you," Chastity muttered under her breath while the barista handed her the Peppermint Mocha she ordered.

For the third time in the last 25 minutes, she checked her watch while making her way out of the crowded Starbucks cafe in Greenbelt 3. "What's new? Online dating equals being stood up," she thought to herself while adjusting her left earring. So far, she has been waiting for her supposed date set up by her best friend although they got to the messy part through the internet. After two weeks of virtual tit-for-tat they finally agreed to meet up in Makati, have coffee and maybe go see a movie. That is if she will not, once again, be stood up. Apparently, it has been 30 minutes and the Chris, if that is ever his real name, has not yet showed any sign of himself.

Chastity felt like she is going to have a migraine soon from carefully scanning the crowd for the past half hour looking for the guy who wears a fedora hat, a sign they have agreed upon in less than 24 hours. For her part, she believes she does not look that bad with her cheetah print scarf worn over her black t-shirt. 


"What could have possibly possessed me to think any of this will be true and that he will be The One? Aaghh," thought Chastity as she checked her watch one last time before deciding that if that twerp will not show up, she might as well just finish up her drink, call Heleighna, her ever-doting cousin who set her up with that non-existent Chris and head to the nearest cinema to watch whatever is interesting.


Then came a tap on her shoulder. In a few seconds, Chastity found herself staring at the most interesting pair of eyes she ever saw in her life, followed by the right amount of freckles splashed in that charming face looking down at her. Those eyes were the lightest pair of brown, almost transparent, which reminded her of an earring she bought in Baclaran.

Author's Note: This is a work in progress. And it's not my life story

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Solo Lakwatsera: Getting Lost in the North 2

I am here sitting in the four corners of my room, reliving the memories of my most amazing solo trip ever. Thank goodness for the creators of the video and pictures, at least that way I can easily close my eyes and go back to that time when I was embraced by the sea and a sea of stars.

After Pagudpud, my new-found travel buddy Ilan coaxed me into cutting the trip into shorter stops. I was hesitant at first knowing that whenever I travel, I give it a good heave and a good go. I do not want to be spending too much time and money cutting the trip shorter. Well, I am glad we did made the stop over in Vigan because as it turns out, it was it's town fiesta last January 25.

Vigan of course was not Pagudpud. Ilan is not exactly a people person (kinda ironic given that he is a pseudo-resident of the world's most populous country, China) but nonetheless, according to him, the crowd gives the city it's 'character'. He wasn't keen on seeing too many cars, though. I wasn't pleased myself. I kinda want to see more kalesa than cars...

We only spent one day in Vigan but it was a great experience. We dined in Cafe Leona, sampling their morcon and then headed to Cafe Uno for tea and mint chocolate. I am a peppermint kinda person so I was craving my mint at that time. He, being English and all, wants his tea.

The following day, I conquered my fear of heights again and went up the tower in Bantay, Ilocos Sur. we rode a kalesa and did all touristy stuff. Of course, Calle Crisologo did not disappoint us. Ilan kept on saying it was as if we were in Spain, with its dry and chilly night air, perfect for outdoor cafes like Cafe Leona.

I could go on and on about this but well, here are the pictures to tell you guys the story.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Solo Lakwatsera: Getting Lost in the North

Idyllic, serene and definitely paradise. These are some of the words that flashed in my head when I saw the crystal clear waters of Saud Beach in Pagudpud. Unfortunately, I can't say anything further because a good friend of mine I traveled with to this paradise made me swear to keep this as a secret. Of course I understand why. In those three days I spent in the beach reading One Day (another must-read, I should say), I want it to be our place. Our place and I hate to see it get ruined like Boracay. I don't want any Starbucks in that area, I don't want any McDonald's or 7-Elevens. I want it to stay just the way it's supposed to be--- a paradise.